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Genetic and metabolic optimization 101

Tackling inflammation, antioxidants, detoxification pathways and improving metabolism are built on a strong dietary and lifestyle baseline

How does this all work, you wonder. How do we go about this fancy genetic and metabolic optimization? Well, let me break it down for you in what follows, on the backbone of the Complete Genetic Optimization plan we offer.

Phase 1: Building a Dietary and Lifestyle Baseline

We start from building a baseline diet, based on your specific genetic polymorphisms, also known as SNPs, and the interactions between them. For this, you either need to buy a genetic test kit (included in the plans we offer) or provide us with your raw genetic data, case in which we can offer you a 200EUR discount on any of the plans. We recommend the former option, because of the complete sequencing done by the NutriGenetic Research Institute, but the latter option is also viable. Phase 1’s outcome is a customized macronutrients dietary target breakdown by:

  • types of lipids: saturated, mono- and polyunsaturated, down to various components of Omega 3 fatty acids
  • simple and complex carbohydrates, looking at types of soluble and insoluble fibre, like naturally occurring cellulose
  • types of amino acids, included in your optimal, customized protein intake

Based on this, we construct a couple staple diets that you can rotate for a wide variety of meals, which hit ideal ratios for your genetic make-up. On a case-by-case basis, we may decide to have you wear a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor), based on which we can pursue a further fine-tuning of your staple diets.

Staple Diet Baseline Example

We also touch on key micronutrients, for which the recommended staple diets have an extensive breakdown, down to the level of (pro)vitamin A types, like lutein, lycopene, beta cryptoxanthin, beta carotene, alpha carotene and retinol for example. And we top everything up with some phytochemical details (more on this in phase 2 below), in what is a deep nutrition approach. Finally, we also provide key nutrition related tips, like the optimal fasting regimen for you, nutrient absorption or food preparation techniques.

As part of this stage, we also provide you with a brief training on non-nutrition related lifestyle factors, related to:

Holistic Training Framework

A lifestyle framework that addresses these, on top of nutrition, will put you in an ideal place for the next stage of the process. And depending on your preferences, we can refer you to specialists you can work with in each of these areas, say for example on postural alignment.

Phase 2: Inflammation Management and Metabolic Testing

Approximately 4 months out, we continue on your genetic and metabolic optimization journey with a deep dive into your genetic predispositions related to:

Genetic Optimization Pyramid Approach (NutriGenetic Research Institute)

In this phase, we provide recommendations based on the most deviated genetic polymorphisms (2 or 3 standard deviations away from the population average), that seem to have a metabolic impact, and work our way up to the less deviated ones in the upcoming phases.

Midway through this phase, depending on your health priority, genetic optimization intent and budget, we recommend selected metabolic testing spanning:

  • Microbiome (Viome)
  • Hormones: Dutch Complete (Direct Labs)
  • Organic Acids and Metabolites: Metabolomix+, including the Fatty Acids add-on (Direct Labs)
  • Minerals and Heavy Metals: Hair Toxic and Essential Elements (Direct Labs)
  • Selected add-on tests via your own family doctor (MD/GP/FP etc)

Except for some of the GP related blood draws, the tests above can be shipped to multiple geographies and performed conveniently at home. Whereas these tests are very informative and highly recommended, they bear an additional cost and we can prioritize them based on your most variated genetic polymorphisms and budget, on a case by case basis.

The result of phase 2 is a top 10 supplements stack that is meant to take your health and wellbeing beyond the optimization done in phase 1.

Top 10 Supplements Stack Example

Please note that this is the only phase covered under the Main Nutritional Levers plan we offer, and whereas helpful in itself, it can have a more significant impact if built on a baseline staple diet, as described in phase 1 above.

Phase 3: Fine-tuning your Genetics

In 4 more months, we conclude tackling all your rarest genetic polymorphisms, occurring in less than 20% of the population, so that we have your genetic weaknesses fully covered. We also consider scientifically-backed enzymatic up- and downregulations..


.. and integrate everything, alongside relevant information from phases 1 and 2, into complex metabolic pathways, like ferroptosis, where multiple classes of enzymes interact in the complex biological process that we call life.

Ferroptosis Pathway Map (NutriGenetic Research Institute)

At the end of phase 3, we:

  • first adjust your base supplements stack and non-nutritional advice, based on any metabolic testing done as part of phase 2
  • and then add to your base supplements stack recommended in phase 2 any additional supplements deemed appropriate

Phase 4: Genetic Independence

One year out from the start of your genetic optimization journey, we want to leave you with a couple tools that will help you manage your nutrition and lifestyle going forward:

  • First is a detailed online nutrient calculator, accessible via your NutriFix online account, similar to the one used to build your staple diets during phase 1. This will help you adjust your nutrition, depending on seasonality of food availability or your nutrient requirement changes. The level of detail in this nutrient calculator tool is wild. It breaks down:
    • protein and its component amino acids
    • carbohydrates and their component mono-, di- and polysaccharides, including some types of fibre and starches
    • lipids and their component saturated and unsaturated fatty acids
    • all vitamins, minerals and heavy metals and where the case, their subcomponents
    • other compounds like plant sterols (e.g. campesterol), organic acids (e.g. citric acid), or biogene amines (e.g. spermidine)

NutriFix Nutrient Calculator
  • Secondly, you will have access to a physiopathology symptoms/risk factors/markers assessment tool, that you can use any time you undergo a prominent lifestyle change that may warrant both a dietary adjustment and/or further detailed investigation. This relates to cardiovascular, microbiome, metabolic, GI tract (upper and lower), as well as organ (liver, pancreas, bile and kidneys) disorders, that may occur with time. For example, Calcium intake may need to be decreased in case of a pancreatitis suspicion, or a microbiome test may become paramount, in case of several GI tract conditions.

Physiopathology Questionnaire

The purpose of this genetic and metabolic optimization journey is evidently to prevent any of these types of conditions, but it is always wise to be as health-hedged as possible, so we can adjust dietary and lifestyle interventions to cut short any looming risks that may appear. And in all honesty, at some very far into the future point, something will probably break down anyway:

  • be it from a build up of repeated deviations, that you can expect to be correlated with an increasing age
  • or from a significant one-off deviation, like an important life situation change,

so tackling that as soon and as efficiently as possible will only improve your health and wellbeing.

You can find additional details on the entire process described above in this YouTube video.

From this moment on, you are on your own, but we can obviously touch base every once in a while via 1-on-1 detailed consultations or upcoming webinars and retreats, that we will hold periodically with updated research and science-backed practices to support your healthspan.

What we recommend on an on-going basis is a periodical metabolic check-up where we can determine how your most important metabolic markers are changing. And based on these changes, we can really fine tune your diet and supplement regimen, as for example:

  • increasing the intake of specific amino acids, such as cysteine, for an improved antioxidant defense
  • adjusting the intake of specific fatty acids, such as arachidonic acid, for cardiovascular disease risk management
  • increasing the intake of specific liposoluble vitamins, such as vitamin E, to protect against lipid peroxidation
  • adjusting the intake of specific minerals, such as molybdenum, in case of specific genetic SNPs
  • eliminating some foods altogether, such as turmeric, for hormone balance and histamine clearing
  • supplementing with:
    • boron for hormone health
    • berberine for glucose metabolism
    • milk thistle for bile flow
    • astragalus for sulfation phase 2 liver detox
    • D-ribose for energy production

and, believe it or not, the list goes on..

Congratulations of reading thus far. Are you ready to rumble?

What’s next: lifelong ongoing optimization options available: Health Maintenance & Centenarian Maintenance.