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Main Nutritional Levers

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  • key nutritional & lifestyle recommendations
  • 1 x 90-min Zoom explanatory session
  • an assessment of your main genetic pathways

Additional consultations available on request




Details of what is being analyzed: 10 min read

How the process works

  • After you place your order, we send you the genetic test kit
  • In the meantime, look for an e-mail from [email protected] with instructions on how to register on our Functional Genomic Analysis platform
  • You receive the kit, register it on our platform (you need to have previously registered your account on our platform – see point above), provide a saliva sample and ship it (at your own expense) to the lab
  • Use your preferred courier or the national postal services for a cheaper shipment rate (please complete this declaration statement and send it alongside the genetic test kit via your preferred courier)
  • After shipping the kit, you finish setting up your account on our platform, answer our questionnaires and when results are ready, we run the interpretation and generate your readable, understandable and actionable, ~10-pages-long, nutrigenetic report
  • We then have our consultation session where we explain everything
  • You end up living longer, better and happier
  • Final note: We will be available over e-mail throughout the process to answer any questions that may arise. You can cancel your order anytime before we order the genetic test kits or the genetic assessment reports from our suppliers in the U.S. and/or Spain.

1 review for Main Nutritional Levers

  1. Doru

    I found some verry helpfull and usefull info about myself and how i function on a celullar level.

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