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Deep Nutrition, anybody?

Some are good to consume, like the stylbene resveratrol, the biogene amine spermidine, or the flavonoid rutin

So, if we were to outline the depth of nutrition immersion one can try to understand and optimise for, we could have the following sequence:

Level 1: Macros

The classical view is that of focusing on the big picture macros. Even here, there is enough to dig down on and optimise depending on circumstances, be it the Omega 6 to Omega 3 fats ratio, the various amino acid profiles, or the less digestable disaccharides, like lactose. While this is a reasonably plain vanilla view on nutrition, it is by all means a good starting point for the newcomer nutritional aficionado.


Level 2: Micros

Then, we have the advanced take on nutrition which opens the Pandora box of micronutrients. Less visible to the nutritional apprentice, these compounds are essential to orchestrate the molecular processes generated through macronutrients consumption (anabolic) and use (catabolic). A faulty enzyme and the body can’t digest specific macronutrients. Inadequate pre-hormone levels and the key biochemical processes go array, with specific macronutrients unable to fulfil their nature intended role. Often times, tweaking micronutrient imbalances is the solution to an apparent dysfunctionality, which bears no explanation in the macronutrient realm.

Level 3: Phytochemicals

And then there’s the final nutrition frontier of mostly novel phytochemical compounds that our body interacts with and responds to. These range from classic alkaloids like caffeine or theobromine, the latter found in cocoa, to less known compounds like anthocyanins, flavonoids, terpenes, flavanols, flavonols (no spelling mistake here), isoflavones, phytosterols, saponins, biogene amines, stylbenes, organic acids etc. Some are good to consume, like the stylbene resveratrol, the biogene amine spermidine, or the flavonoid rutin. Others, like oxalic acid, phytic acid or lectins are best avoided, at least in large quantities. Hang on to your seats, we will explore all these wonder substances together in a future post.


So at what level are you willing to take a dip in the nutrition realm and start your journey? At NutriFix, we aim to provide a level of useful nutritional information and advice for every degree of interest and also carefully designed products, based on proven, science-based nutrient stacks.

So read a bit, learn a bit, think about your objective and start your day by feeding your genes what they need! We’re right next to you on your nutritional journey, looking forward to upgrade your interest and knowledge from level 1, to level 2 and beyond! And your wellbeing and longevity along with that.