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Health Maintenance



  • ongoing genetic and metabolic optimization assessment
  • adjusted nutritional plan and supplements regimen
  • adjusted recommendations on proper training regimen
  • adjusted management of environmental factors
  • 1 x 60-min Zoom explanatory session

Once we have set-up your optimal genetic and metabolic baseline, it’s time to manage your parameters for the long-run, aiming to maintain a homeostatic balance. For that to happen we will decide together based on budget, predisposition and need, the ideal frequency for specific type of testing.

We test, interpret the results and:

  • adjust your diet and supplement regimen
  • provide you with specific recommendations on proper training regimen
  • adjust actionable environmental factors’ management

Sometime in life changing circumstances or specific situations, such as family related stress or situations, illness or preparing for an athletic competition, require an updated approach. Periodical health checks, as it is recommended to do, can help you make adjustments based on your metabolic assessment and get back on your homeostatic track.

Note on additional testing: this bears an additional cost to the price of this package. This package is priced for data analysis & interpretation, recommendations and the consultation session included.

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