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Centenarian Maintenance



  • exhaustive longevity assessment with 102 unique tests of the 4 horsemen of aging:
    • metabolic disease, including insulin resistance, fatty liver, hormones, stress and inflammation
    • cardiovascular disease, including lipids, advanced metabolites, vascular health, imaging and inflammation
    • cancer, including tumour suppressor genes, markers, immunity and imaging
    • neurodegenerative disease, including genetic markers, sleep, oxygen delivery and inflammation
  • customized longevity dashboard tracker looking at tissue health, aerobic/anaerobic energy metabolism, posture, adequate diet, proper training regimen and management of environmental factors
  • 5 x 60-min Zoom explanatory sessions
  • periodical check-ups to assess age-related specific longevity parameters

Once we have set-up your optimal genetic and metabolic baseline, it’s time to manage your parameters, so you can dribble the main factors contributing to aging and death, also known as the 4 horsemen of aging/death:

  • we start of with metabolism as this represents the basis for a bulletproof health and for an improved biological age. Here we look at a variety of unique measurements spanning:
    • basic and advanced metabolic parameters
    • hormones
    • advanced metabolites
    • microbiome testing
    • DEXA scan body composition
    • inflammation and antioxidant markers
  • we continue with the number one killer in the world, cardiovascular disease (CVD), as this is the lowest hanging fruit in terms of healthy aging and longevity, once metabolism is in check. A thorough CVD assessment further builds on metabolic health, on which it is dependent, to also encompass:
    • your complete lipid profile, including a variety of lipids and lipid metabolites
    • a CT angiogram (CTA) view of your vascular estate (depending on particular risk factors, it is recommendable to have a CTA as early as in your 30s)
  • cancer is a beast of its own, but it also starts from metabolism. Here we look in addition at:
    • tumor suppressor genes
    • specific cancer type and immune system markers
    • latest cancer specific imaging tests
      Note that some specific cancers, such as colon cancer are almost entirely avoidable with appropriate testing, reason for which it is wise to have your first colonoscopy done before the age of 40.
  • the final horsemen and perhaps the most elusive as well is neurodegenerative disease. It depends part on genetics, part on your metabolic and cardiovascular health, so here we look at specific genetic, sleep and oxygen delivery add-ons to help mitigate these looming risks

We then design a custom longevity dashboard tracker for you, spanning:

  • your tissue health and resilience, looking at bone mineral density and muscle mass, aerobic and anaerobic energy metabolism, strength, posture, stability and mobility, crafting an ideal training regimen for you
  • an adequate diet that moves beyond achieving a genetic and metabolic balance to mitigating upcoming disease risks
  • optimal management of environmental factors from the basic oxygen, temperature and light to more mundane, but equally important, air quality, food herbicides/pesticides/fungicides, synthetic chemicals etc

And we keep on checking periodically that you are on track to a younger biological age, adjusting our approach incrementally! How does that sounds?

Note on additional testing: this bears an additional cost to the price of this package. This package is priced for data analysis & interpretation, recommendations and consultation sessions included.


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