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Complete Genetic Optimization

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  • complete nutritional & lifestyle recommendations
  • 4 x 90-min Zoom explanatory sessions
  • a detailed genetic assessment
  • year-long guidance on your health optimization process

Here is a selection sample of the main reports included in the package.

Additional consultations available on request


Details of what is being analyzed: 10 min read

How the process works

  • After you place your order, we send you the genetic test kit
  • In the meantime, look for an e-mail from [email protected] with instructions on how to register on our Functional Genomic Analysis platform
  • You receive the kit, register it on our platform (you need to have previously registered your account on our platform – see point above), provide a saliva sample and ship it (at your own expense) to the lab
  • Use your preferred courier or the national postal services for a cheaper shipment rate (please complete this declaration statement and send it alongside the genetic test kit via your preferred courier)
    • place the declaration statement in the front sleeve of the package when returning it to the lab. It is important information that may be needed for customs to release the package to the lab
    • for any test kits being shipped internationally (from outside the United States), please send the following information to the following 3 e-mail addresses ([email protected],, [email protected]):
          1.  your tracking number and courier information so that we can track the package in real time
          2.  barcodes for each test kit that is being shipped in the package
    • please have a signature confirmation for every package to ensure the package was signed for by someone at the lab
    • for any test kits that are shipped using FedEx we would recommend using the following address for shipment of those test kits:
      Attn: Receiving / Methyl

      Piscataway, NJ 08854
    • for ALL other courier services, please use the information:
      Attn: Receiving/MethylGenetics
      30 Knightsbridge Road
      Building 3 Dock 2
      Piscataway, NJ 08854
  • After shipping the kit, you finish setting up your account on our platform, answer our questionnaires and maybe take additional metabolic tests (organic acids, hormones, microbiome, toxicity etc – see details below) depending on agreed prioritization. Note: these additional tests bear a separate cost to be discussed
  • When results are ready, we run the interpretation, alongside the results of any additional tests you may have taken or already have, and generate your readable, understandable and actionable, ~10-pages-long, nutrigenetic report
  • We have our 1st consultation session where we go through our homeostatic coaching framework setting up a dietary and lifestyle basis
  • You go ahead with implementing these adjustments and in 3-4 months we catch-up again for our 2nd consultation session, where we continue with priority dietary and lifestyle adjustments
  • You go ahead with implementing the homeostatic adjustments we agree on and in 3-4 months we catch-up again for our in-depth genetic assessment and feedback on any changes you have observed in the meantime (3rd consultation session). Note: depending on your budget and interest, we may decide to retake some metabolic tests for a more rigorous assessment of physiological changes that may have occurred in the meantime
  • You go ahead with fine-tunning your daily practices based on our in-depth assessment and in 3-4 months we catch-up again for our 4th and final consultation session. Here we set up a long-term plan for you to follow and provide you with the necessary tools to manage your diet going forward
  • You end up living longer, better and happier
  • Final note: We will be available over e-mail throughout the process to answer any questions that may arise. You can cancel your order anytime before we order the genetic test kits or the genetic assessment reports from our suppliers in the U.S. and/or Spain.

Note on how to order tests

Depending on the protocol we agree on, you may decide ordering additional tests:

  • for a microbiome test from Viome, simply click on this link ( and purchase either the Health Intelligence or the Gut Intelligence test. Here are the lists of countries where these tests can be currently shipped to:
  • for other tests, simply click on this link (, register an account and click Order Test:
    • for hormones, purchase the DUTCH Complete test
    • for metabolites, purchase the Metabolomix test, alongside the Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids add-on
    • for minerals and heavy metals, purchase the Hair Toxic and Essential Elements test

Once you proceed to checkout, a requisition is generated, which is required before going to Quest Diagnostics and finalising the purchase. When the results are available, log into your Direct Labs account, click on the HIPAA Release form and put in the recipients information the following e-mail address: [email protected]

2 reviews for Complete Genetic Optimization

  1. Alex Friptu

    Great service and experience working with Mihai to optimize my nutrition. I found so many new things about myself and I am now on a totally different supplement diet than before this report.

  2. Anca B

    Corpul este o mașinărie atât de complexa care trebuie înțeleasă prin unicitatea pe care o reprezintă. O analiza pe care o recomand pentru ca vine cu informații despre ce îți trebuie ție în particular. Apreciez entuziasmul și profesionalismul lui Mihai.

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