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Our Vision

Empower people with the knowledge and tools to take control of their health.

We believe nutrition should be informed and personalised, not left to chance.

Uncovering the science behind nutrition

We‘ve always geeked out on nutrition, be it ancestral preparation or latest, cutting edge, research. And we’re putting out our geekiness to your benefit!

Through superior nutrition practices, our enthusiastic 3-pronged goal is to:

  • help optimize micronutrient imbalances
  • facilitate body homeostasis
  • enhance performance and longevity

Our approach is focused on:

  • avoiding anti-nutrients, such as lectins and phytic acid
  • keeping sugars to a bare minimum and focusing on low glycemic index foods that contain other key compounds, like quercetin or proanthocyanidins
  • designing function-based super food stacks that act synergistically

We essentially aim to provide the particular nutritional environment in which each genetic make-up can thrive!


The Longevity Geek

MSc Nutrigenomics

NutriFix founder, previous management consultant, passionate about longevity research and scientific biohacking

Gabi, the mTOR NutriFix Girl


The mTOR Girl

MSc Nutrigenomics

Biotech engineer, passioned about molecular biology research, enzymology, anything muscle-related and bromatology



Professor X

MD, PhD Molecular Biochemistry

Geneticist, versed in lipidology, bioinformatics, geriatric medicine and transcriptomics. Scientific journal reviewer

Where it all Begun

Our individual health journeys have met at different points in time in different circumstances. Soon we realised that our common knowledge and passion can be synergised out from ourselves and our closed ones to the wider public. So we decided to embark on a journey to offer the highest quality nutritional advice.

Our Envisaged Journey

Our end goal is clear: to help our customers improve their health & longevity and be in a homeostatic balance. To that end, we have started by optimizing nutrition to its most level of researched detail by providing gene-customised lifestyle and nutrigenomic advice.

How We Care For You

We are carefully designing customised nutrients superfood stacks, while avoiding common anti-nutrients, which prevent the absorption of key nutrients. Our counselling is actionable and efficient, whereas our meal plans are delicious, highly bioavailable, and super nutritious!

Expanding Beyond Nutrition

Looking ahead, our aim is to offer comprehensive lifestyle guidance. From fitness routines to stress management techniques, NutriFix will be your ultimate health companion, supporting you in every aspect of your wellbeing journey.

Reliability commitment

Nutritional convenience should never come at the expense of matching exact needs and (at least directional) accuracy. That’s why we are very rigorous in the way we run our analyses and to the source of the recommendations we make, trying to lead by example.