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Pickled cucumbers balance the EPA & DHA rich fatty fish and also jump start your digestion, by giving a boost to your microbiome

What happens when you combine properly prepared ingredients in a precise synergetic balance? Things get really, really wild.  And this is exactly what our aim was when we created Wild Life, a light, but nutritious salad that is meant to keep you going throughout your busy day, whether you are working, training or are simply involved with personal projects. We want you to get wild with your life, while we fuel your energy needs. And by the way, we mean the good type of wild.

Soaking the MUNG Beans: bye-bye anti-nutrients

Everything begins 48 hours before meal assembly, when we soak your mung beans in filtered water mixed with sodium bicarbonate. No, we’re not crazy; this helps decrease the anti-nutrients present in the beans, while at the same time, release precious mung nutrients. The ancestral legume preparation method tricks the mung into believing there are proper conditions for the beans to germinate, so it starts breaking down phytic acid. This is necessary for the precious bean nutrients to become available for the germination process to occur and they are precious indeed as it is these nutrients that baby mungs are made from. And it is this exact mung bean state that is optimal for further preparation and consumption; otherwise, as you can read in our anti-nutrients article, phytic acid and agglutinins, not only prevent mung nutrients from being absorbed, but can also bind important minerals existent in the human body before mung consumption, thus depleting us from important nutrients. Not a good position to be in.


Furthermore, we change the water medium 1-2 more times, before we boil our mung for just a few minutes 36-hours post soaking start, leaving them ideally cooked and optimally nutritious. Marination then begins in a concoction of olive oil and lemon juice, garnished with salt, thyme and garlic flakes. And we let the mung infuse this flavor mix for about 12 more hours, before being ready to assemble your salad.

Adding the sardines’ epa & dha + Kelp’s iodine

In parallel, we activate our dry kelp type of algae, by soaking it into filtered water for 30 minutes. This brings back ocean memories and a lot of iodine power, which combine perfectly with olive oil or water (never sunflower oil) marinated sardines. And here is another catch: not only has sunflower oil a higher probability of getting rancid, but studies, like this one in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, show that it is pro-inflammatory. Which is why we carefully select the sardines that we dip into our mung-kelp concoction.


microbiome call: the gherkin

Finally, to top everything up we dice some pickled cucumbers to balance the EPA & DHA rich fatty fish and also jump start your digestion, by giving a boost to your microbiome. Pickles are just one type of fermented foods that appears to increase intestinal microbes diversity, which goes hand in hand with good health.

Salivating already? What the hell, just give it a try! Order on With a configuration of 540 kcal, 30 gr proteins and plenty of EAAs (essential amino acids), EPA, DHA, vit D, folate and B12, this may be the precise nutritional plug you may need in your busy daily life-puzzle. You can also get more micronutrient info by visiting the product page link just above.

Please note, energy lunches can be purchased on backorder, as we prepare just 1-2 energy meal types per day, but will do our best though to accommodate your request. We also provide a vegan alternative to this, in case you have vegan-related constraints.

We look forward to meeting you on the wild side of life! And don’t forget to drop us a line with your thoughts and/or leave us a product review; we always try to improve on our customers’ feedback.