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Our Team

We do things with uttermost care and unbounded love & good vibes

@ all levels of the food preparation supply chain.

Where it all Begun #AnOriginStory

Our individual health journeys have met at different points in time in different circumstances. Soon we realised that our common knowledge and passion can be synergised out from ourselves and our close ones to the wider public. So we decided to embark on a journey to offer the highest quality nutrition info, advice and products, starting with our hometown, Bucharest.

Our Envisaged Journey #EatYourselfSmart

Our end goal is clear: to help our customers improve their health & longevity and be in a homeostatic balance. To that end, we have started by optimising nutrition to its most level of researched detail and heading towards providing gene customised nutrigenomical advice.


The Science


The Recipe

Expanding Beyond Nutrition #EverythingBeginsToday

Nutrition is just one aspect of health and wellbeing. So building on a customised nutritional approach, we plan to integrate other aspects required for balanced longevity, like breathing, smart movement, spiritual practices, cognitive and even civic initiatives. We will also start small, offering various seminars, potentially floating tank experiences, ketone cocktails and what not. Bare with us and we will deliver!

How We Care For Your Food #OptimalFoodPrep

We are carefully designing low carb superfood stacks, while avoiding common anti-nutrients, which prevent the absorption of key nutrients. In the process, we use best quality ingredients, which we wash with filtered water, soak in vinegar and sodium bicarbonate solutions and prepare ancestrally so that nutrient bioavailability is highest, whereas toxins, such as pesticides, and anti-nutrients are almost inexistent. Our products are fresh, made to order, and super nutritious!