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Satiation and satiety- the key principles

Pectin, found in high amounts in berries, is a fiber that slows down stomach emptying

If you are someone with an increased appetite, you probably wondered what kind of foods to eat to feel full without having to snack all the time between your meals and ending up gaining weight.

What you should get familiar with in order to be able to better control your appetite are the following two concepts which are: satiation and satiety.

Satiation and satiety are central concepts in the understanding of appetite control and both have to do with the inhibition of eating. Satiation refers to the end of desire to eat after a meal, and this can occur at any time after the onset of eating. Governed by hormones and stretch receptors in the stomach, satiation signals the brain the meal is over. Satiety, on the other hand, is a physical feeling of fullness that allows us to stop eating for a while and prevents further eating before the return of hunger.

Some of the foods that score the highest in satiation and satiety are foods that contain:

proteins (some research points out that increasing protein intake can decrease appetite and reduce levels of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates hunger)

fibers (especially pectin found in high amounts in berries, which is a fiber that slows down stomach emptying )

– low energy dense foods (foods with high amount of protein but low-fat).

The following are a few foods that may help you achive homeostasis in your diet through satiation and satiety: oats, fish , berries, eggs, vegetables, kefir and pulses.

At Nutrifix we design recipies by using the above principles of nutrition to enhance the feeling of satiation and satiety and make sure you get a delicious and fulfilling meal each time.




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