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Passionate about nutrition to the most detailed biochemical level. Ready to unlock the nutrigenomic misteries of gene to enzyme to function regarding the healing and adverse effects various foods may have on various individuals

Neurotransmitter metabolism

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Drop us a note if you are interested in a nutrigenomic consultation, meant to open up this biochemical pandora box, and pay attention to micronutrient details for what food goes into your system!

Wild Life

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Pickled cucumbers balance the EPA & DHA rich fatty fish and also jump start your digestion, by giving a boost to your microbiome

Electric life

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Electrical charge differences determined by segregation of various ions, such as Na+, Cl-, Ca++ or K+ drive the electrical backbone of life itself

Quinone Interference

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Quinones are a class of organic compounds derived from aromatic compounds, and have less chemical stability than their aromatic parents. Urrrghh, that’s a rather Saharian-dry definition, isn’t it?  Well, as dry as they may appear, quinones are prevalent throughout biology,… Read More »Quinone Interference

Carnitine – an indispensable molecule

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Carnitine is what transports fatty acids into the mitochondria of your cells, where these are oxidized into molecules of ATP, that provide energy for your body.

Introduction to anti-nutrients

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Acknowledging plants will make you more aware of your interaction with other life forms in general, so you can live in balance with everything around you.

Modern Hunter Gatherer

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Envision yourself as a modern hunter gatherer, hunting for an as big variety of foods as possible, while paying particular attention to the sourcing of those foods

YES to NO – bloody love

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Nitric oxide is made in the body from the amino acid L-arginine by the NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase) enzyme that exists in three different isoforms.

Keto Chemistry

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Ketone bodies formation allows for continuous oxidation of fatty acids and is a healthy energy production adaptation